How type and culture interact


interaction with type and culture


Before the course you will recieve the MBTI self-report questionnaire by Email. Filling in the questionnaire will take approx. 20 – 30 min.

During the Feedback session on Day 1 (3,5 hours) we will:

  • provide an introduction to MBTI – the theory behind it

  • give some practical examples of how personality types affect our everyday lives

  • participants will have a chance to guess their typology results and finally the questionnaire results will be presented – respecting confidentiality.

  • During the Feedback session on Day 2 (3,5 hours) the focus will be on the influence of culture on personality type. We will:

  • provide theoretical context information on

  • Nature – Nurture debate – Are personality types universal or culture specific?

  • Globalization: Individualistic versus collectivisitic societies

  • discuss practical applications on

  • Fit / Clash between Personality Type and Culture

  • Subtle influence of Personality Type and Culture on behaviour.

If we share commonalities with our culture of origin and/or host culture, we encounter less resistance, less stress; life just seems to run smoother. The contrary is also true; the more different your personality and culture types are, the more you may struggle to feel accepted or appreciated for your unique perspective.

Taking the MBTI inventory and receiving feedback will:

  • Enhance your understanding of yourself: your preferred way of doing things

  • Help you appreciate people who differ from you within your own and other cultures

  • Show ways to avoid conflict and improve conflict resolution.

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