A short presentation can be part of a Lunch, an eveing event or part of an Away Day/Team Day. The presentations mentioned in the following can be adapted to a time-frame from 1/2-2 hour.


improving communication in the work environment - facilitation


Twenty years ago, few people had heard of or even used the words, “group facilitation” or “group processes”. Ten years ago, the professional association, The International Association of Facilitators (IAF), was formed. Today, around the world, thousands of facilitators lead groups every day. In ten years, the skill set of any effective organizational leader will be team facilitation skills.

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how do we learn to appreciate our differences?


Type indicators like Jugian Type Index (JTI) or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is widely used for understanding personality differences. These differences can lead to friction, misunderstanding and conflict.

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team and individual development


Issues most teams work on developing from time to time are: communication, conflict resolution, efficiency…Often groups or teams get stuck in the ways they talk together – meetings, coffee-breaks, dinner-talk ect.

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