Team and
Individual development


developing the team and the individual


New or slightly different ways of doing things can often encourage quiet people to say more (and they might have something very important to add) and make talkative people say less and and pay attention to the input of others.

During the presentation practical ways of getting everybody involved will be introduced

But teams are made up of individuals and it’s good to know something about individual personalities as well…

Jungian Type Index and Myers Briggs Personality Type profile (MBTI) are interesting because they work both for individuals and teams.

JTI/MBTI are excellent tools in supporting personal development.

During the presentation we will start to look at personality differences among the individuals present in the room.

The presentation will focus on the following 2 questions:

  • What do teams need to develop?

  • What do individuals need to develop?

The presentation is done in a relaxed and particpatory way.

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