certification in jungian type index


Objective and purpose of JTI:

  • To understand preferences in the interaction with other people’s preferences for an optimal interaction

  • To be used in leadership- and group-development, communication and coaching.

Target group : HR/L&D/OD, internal and external consultants, coaches, manager

Outline for group certification training:
Approach and methodology used is a pparticipative formatThe approach will leave room both for presentations, individual and group work.

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better communication


The course is usually delivered in 5 weekly sessions lasting 2.5 hours, and focuses on how to improve your communication skills in groups or individually through different facilitative and participatory methods: focused discussions, coaching techniques and structured conversations. Learn how to resolve conflicts through active listening, coaching and discussion.

The methods include:

  • The basic discussion method (ORID)

  • Coaching

  • Open discussion

  • Dealing with difficult participants in groups

  • Active listening

  • Cultural awareness in communication

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personality differencies jti or mbti


We do not live alone or work in isolation. Knowing your personality type may help you to understand yourself better as well as the people around you. The type tool JTI or MBTI is designed to identify each person’s personality type and to make it understandable and useful in everyday life. The basis for the indicator is Jung’s psychological types.

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personal performance


The type tools JTI and MBTI are self-report questionnaires designed to make Jung’s psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life. Receive the questionnaire by e-mail (it will take 20-30 minutes to complete this). Approximately one week later you will receive 1,5 – 2 hour one-one feedback to identify your Best-fit-type.

Taking the MBTI inventory and receiving feedback will:

  • help you identify your unique gifts,

  • enhance understanding of yourself: motivations, strengths, potential areas for growth and

  • help you appreciate people who differ from you

Understanding your personality type is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with others.

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how type and culture interact


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely used personality type questionnaire worldwide. Knowing your type helps you understand yourself and how you interact and communicate with others. The MBTI questionnaire has been translated into many languages and adapted to many cultural contexts. It has been found that all types exist in all countries, but extroverts/ introverts don’t look the same around the world. In other words, introverts in the USA will seem different to introverts in Finland.

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facilitation techniques


Learn to encourage the best responses from each staff member to achieve tangible added-value results from your teams. This method teaches 2 practical methods to enhance co-operation, creativity and improve output. A two – day course is offered on setting targets and ensuring timely results which are especially useful in situations where workplace conflicts are impeding progress.

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teambuilding day


Groups, sections, units or departments need time to consolidate, motivate, innovate, learn and have a good time. A Teambuilding day, an Away Day or whichever name is chosen is a very useful tool for this.

A teambuilding day should always be designed together with the key stakeholders and tailored to the present needs. An example of a general layout could be:

  • Welcome and warm up exercise

  • Content work e.g. on the group’s image, conflicts in the group, type differences, communication structures, workshops on specific topics

  • Lunch and some active start of the afternoon

  • Content work e.g. on how the findings from the morning can be implemented/integrated in the groups daily work

  • Ending the day with an inclusive exercise

It is important to pay attention to venue, atmosphere, planning and introduction of the day when designing the day.

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